The 2020-2021 Edelman Collection, Speculative Literature, will be on display in the PNCA Library through the month of October. We received many excellent suggestions from students, staff, faculty, and alumni for this topic and were able to purchase almost everything. Come take a look and check out your favorites!

Each year, through a generous endowment from the Edelman family, the PNCA library purchases new material on a topic chosen by the student body. The Edelman Library Fund serves to enhance student understanding of the visual world by presenting timeless and/or unique ways to examine and manipulate three-dimensional space and to be a catalyst for lively discussions in the classroom. This year’s collection will undoubtedly fire the imagination and inspire our work.

See the items in Primo here.

Here is a link to this year’s bibliography.

Please email us at with any questions. Thank you to everyone who submitted suggestions.

(Image by Shaleigh Westphall)